CHICAGOLAND SHORTS is Full Spectrum Features' annual touring short film series that highlights the incredible diversity of The Windy City and its surrounding communities. The series celebrates the vastness of the Chicagoland experience and provides an outlet for those cinematic voices that often go unheard within the independent film community.

This collection is Full Spectrum Features' flagship program and embodies our mission to provide a platform for the intersecting work of people of color, women, and LGBTQ filmmakers, while showcasing genre- and boundary-pushing short films. Along with highlighting underrepresented voices, the program also combines genres often considered "niche" – experimental, observational doc, dance, found footage, silent – into one engaging package that mainstream audiences may never even consider.

CHICAGOLAND SHORTS, in its first two volumes, has already screened across the Chicagoland area and coast-to-coast in venues such as Anthology Film Archives in New York City and Northwest Film Forum in Seattle. Both are available on DVD and VOD. The collection's third volume will premiere at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago on May 30, 2017.