Director/Editor: Eugene Sun Park

When an event or artifact is relegated to "prehistory," it becomes decontexualized and exists in a sort of cultural waste bin. Many early sci-fi films have encountered a similar fate, and their depictions of "the future" strike us today as outdated, naive, and unintentionally humorous. In Prehistorized, these old films are reimagined and re-presented out of their original context, colliding with the gaze of the 21st-century viewer, whose cultural perspective and milieu will one day itself become outdated, naive, and unintentionally humorous, perhaps even relegated to some future civilization's "prehistory."

Jornadas de Reapropiación (Mexico City, Mexico)
backup_festival (Germany)
Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival
Experimental Superstars (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Chicago International Music & Movies Festival