Queen of My Dreams (Fawzia mirza & Ryan Logan)

As a young girl, Fawzia Mirza fell under the spell of Bollywood heroines and their promise of love and feminine perfection. In Queen of My Dreams, Mirza re-imagines the epic romance in the classic film Aradhana in a new queer light. Written and directed by Fawzia Mirza and Ryan Logan, it was an official selection of over 50 major festivals, including the Chicago International Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival and Outfest.


As a radio advertisement pours poison in his ears, Jasper Jenkins wants one thing-- to be an All-American civilized member of society. The only problem is, he’s Black. This narrative silent short screened at the Chicago International Film Festival and was a Student Academy Award Finalist.




Western Candyland (robert-carnilius)

This animated short is a fun and whimsical look at gender roles and child imagineering.






Existential heroine Lulu attempts to solve a cryptic fate that she is only able to discover through the oblique vignettes of a film noir cityscape. Permute was an Official Selection for Miami shorts, and has screened internationally at venues such as the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, DisOrient Asian Film Festival, and Anifest in Prague. Permute also won Fu Best VFX at the Vancouver Short Film Festival.





Moms and Dads beautifully and comically merges the filmmakers' passion for music through film performance. The film spotlights one man's nostalgia for the lessons of goodness enforced by his parents.




This experimental short from Amanda Taves blends a dream-like description of a landscape marked by genocide with found slide footage from the era of the Kodak Carousel slide projector, to explore the effects of memory and individual translation on the stories we tell. 





Mae's Journal is an experimental chronicle of the historic 1992 space mission of Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to travel in space. Through six fictional journal entries, Mae's journey is imagined through recreated and actual footage of the STS-47 voyage.




Shirley’s Kids (michael paulucci)

Shirley’s Kids is a short documentary focusing on a woman who lost all four of her children to gun violence. It has received national recognition, winning a Human Rights Award from Nielsen Reviews.



Train (valia o'donnell)

In her animation Train, Valia O’Donnell pulls from the familiar to present a surreal interpretation of riding the Chicago Green line train.




Self-Deportation (EUGENE SUN PARK)

An Asian American woman crosses over into a surreal world after a series of strange encounters on the subway. Caught in an endless loop of subway cars and mysterious hallways, she becomes lost in the fantastical landscape of "Real America" -- dreamlike environments populated by various American archetypes. An official selection of the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Speechless Film Festival, and the Ithaca Pan Asian Film Festival.