Co-Conspirators: Sara Zalek & Eugene Sun Park


Formidable Dreams is a series of movement-based short films exploring the search for identity through the trickster hero, often out of time with the rest of the society, in between conscious and subconscious states, overstimulated and disillusioned, moving from memory to dream state. They question reality, authenticity, and the quest for inner truth that might be a shared experience. Through images, movement, and sound, the characters create a sense of bewilderment and curiosity as beings who continually seek to rediscover themselves. Working through extensive rehearsal and performance processes, these films are continually evolving works of art that transcend discipline.

The event was held at the Silent Funny arts space. It was an immersive experience of projections, live performance, and sound riffing of these short films about an androgynous trickster hero, often out of time, who travels through watery environments where present, sudden memory, and dream states co-mingle.

Its inclusion of projections and live performance are what help classify it as expanded cinema. The typical confines of the proscenium projection screen and stadium seating were thrown out the window, replaced by an instillation requiring the audience to be up and active about the space, defining their own relationship with the moving images around them.


SARA ZALEK creates experiences meant to inspire inner reflection. With honesty, humor and charm, she uses her fascination with whimsy and Butoh training to dive and swim in the space between knowing and not knowing, between her inner world and the world outside. Through dynamic improvisations, her process of creating aims to open an audience to their sense of listening and empathy, with the aim of transforming our perspective. Sara is a 2015 Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist. More info at:

EUGENE SUN PARK is a writer, director, and producer working in narrative and experimental forms. His films have screened at festivals, micro-cinemas, and on broadcast television, including Chicago Underground Film Festival, Athens International Film + Video Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athens, Greece), DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Korea Expat Film Festival (Seoul, Korea), Anthology Film Archives, Portland Art Museum, and on Time Warner Cable.