Location: MANA Contemporary
Dates/Times: June 9th (call times TBD)

We're shooting a scene from Molly Hewitt's feature film projectThe story follows Trinity, a queer girl from Chicago who huffs the contents of a magic aerosol can and develops the ability to talk to the dead. She seeks the counsel of a variety of spiritual healers to figure out how to control this ability and what it means to her.

In this scene, Trinity (played by Molly Hewitt) goes to a drag show called "Church". The space in which the show will take place will be an elaborately constructed Church-themed nightclub. The drag show is hosted by Trinity's roommate, who will be played by Imp Queen.

Everyone at the show must be dressed in primarily Catholic or other religious inspired looks. The emphasis of Trinity going to this show is to highlight the importance of queer nightlife as a safe and spiritual space for many people -- the club as Church and nightlife as a religion -- creating our own unique place of worship. Costumes will have to be pre-approved by Molly and our art director.

In exchange for your time, you will be provided with meals on set and a credit in the film.  Our important mission is to diversify the Chicago independent film scene and we are excited to have you be a part of it!

Please reach out to quinn@fullspectrumfeatures.com with any questions.

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