i miss jamie when she's gone


Writer/Director: Ashley Thompson
Producer: Judy Febles
Executive Producers: Jordan Phelps, Vincent Martell, Eugene Sun Park
Cinematographer: Greg Stephen Reigh
Status: Pre-production

co-production between VAM Studio and Full Spectrum Features


"i miss jamie when she’s gone" is a film about two distant sisters returning home for the weekend to clean their mother’s house. the family lost their father 10 months prior, and the house reflects Mom’s mental state.  

Ashley Thompson

A photographer turned filmmaker, Ashley Thompson is a curious person whose work focuses on people's capacity for intimacy. She aims to explore the varying definitions of love and what it means to have responsibility for another's growth. The push/pull of relationships, the bend before the break. she likes flowers and when strangers exchange words through their eyes. She wants to show the ways in which vulnerability is a strength.