Writer/Director: Felix Piñeiro
Producer: Eugene Sun Park
Executive Producer: Jacqueline "JJ" Ingram
Associate Producer: Quinn Nicholson                                                                                                                                                     Genre: Short, Drama
Status: Post-production


I Am Not Broken is an unconventional love story between Victor, who has always had intimacy problems, and the wild and cool Melissa. Their relationship is somewhat Sid & Nancy, you could say. It ultimately fails because of his intimacy issues, and we go through Victor's trials and tribulations in coping until he realizes he's inherently asexual and then tries to reconcile with his now ex, Melissa. 

FELIX PIÑEIRO is a Chicago-based filmmaker. He studied Film Production and Communications at Loyola University Chicago, and then went on to earn his MFA in Film Directing from EICAR: The International Film School of Paris in France. He currently makes a living as an editor at Quriosity Productions in commercial and narrative works. Select projects include the pilot for Written Off starring Antoine McKay (Empire), Chicago comedy The Jamz (currently on Netflix), indie horror film, Anguish (featured at Fantasia Fest 2015), and most recently the feature film Signature Move (2017 SXSW 2017). His latest directorial effort, CYCLES is making the rounds in the festival circuit.