Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 3 - Premiere Poster


Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 3 - Premiere Poster


CHICAGOLAND SHORTS is Full Spectrum Features' annual touring short film series that highlights the incredible diversity of The Windy City and its surrounding communities. The series celebrates the vastness of the Chicagoland experience and provides an outlet for those cinematic voices that often go unheard within the independent film community.

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Vol. 3 curators:

Beckie Stocchetti - Executive Director Hawaii International Film Festival
Raul Benitez - Comfort Film
Jim Vendoila - filmmaker

Vol. 3 filmmakers:

Diana Delgado Pineda
Emily Esperanza
Lori Felker
Amanda Gutierrez
Martin Mulcahy
Valia O'Donnell
Steve Socki
Qihui Wu

Dimensions: 11in W x 17in H