casting call
The Year Between


Location: Athenaeum Theatre
Dates: February 24th (10am - 5pm), February 25th (10am - 5pm), March 3rd (10am - 5pm)
Video Submissions: Available ONLY for those unable to attend the above dates. In-person auditions strongly preferred.

SAG & Non-Union actors

The Year Between is a an irreverent comedy about manic depression, cancer, and getting paid $8.75 an hour to fold shit. The Year Between shows mental illness not as a passive death sentence, but as an often-hilarious and generally-fucked up adventure.


Clemence: 20, open ethnicity, ex-college sophomore. Irreverent, rude, 100% selfish, bored with everyone around her, unhinged. Fighting bipolar disorder.

Sherri: 60s, open ethnicity, Clemence’s mom. Tough love parenting mentality, overworked, easily frazzled.

Philip: 15, open ethnicity, Clemence’s younger brother. Un-phased, tuning out the world around him, submissive. Only cares about high school popularity.

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