Full Spectrum Features, in partnership with the teen apprenticeship organization After School Matters, presents CINEMA/STORY/CHICAGO: EXPLORING COMMUNITY THROUGH FILMMAKING, our 2017 summer youth program.

FSF is seeking teens interested in the intersection between social justice, community research, storytelling, and the collaborative nature of film production.

Teens will learn how to:

  • Research local history
  • Interview Chicagoans
  • Craft a story based on historical research and interviews
  • Write a screenplay
  • Workshop their peers' creative work
  • Shoot a film!

This intensive 6-week summer program will help teens learn the crucial 21st-century skills of research, interviewing, creative writing, media analysis, editing, and film production. Plus, the program pays participants a stipend for their efforts as apprentices.

Inspired by our short film The Orange Story – which crafts an emotional, narrative film out of historical material – teens will research a historical event that impacted their Chicago neighborhood. Based on this research, teens will craft a fictional, narrative screenplay and present the results to their peers.

After a rigorous workshopping process, the group will choose 1-3 of the screenplays to film. With aid from professional researchers, interviewers, screenwriters, and filmmakers, the teens will shoot a film at the end of the summer and present the final products at a screening in front of friends and family.

The 2017 program will run from July 5 to August 11, Mon-Thurs 10am-2pm.

For questions or more info, email lead instructor Dane Haiken at dane@fullspectrumfeatures.com